Virus Removal

virus malware
virus malware

Is your Computer protected against Virus, Malware Intrusions, Ransomware, Worms, RootKit virus? is your system backed up in case of emergencies?

1) Never click on Pop Up Ads. Have a Pop-Up Blocker Installed in your web browser.

2) Never open email attachments from someone you don’t know. One of the biggest sources of malware are Spam unsolicited fraudulent emails.

3) Regularly Backup your files on an External Drive

4) Use Trusted Virus & Malware software on your computers and keep it up to date.

5) Keep your Software & Operating System up to date. Your Update settings should Download & Install System updates from Trusted sources Only.

6) Enable your Windows & Network Firewall

If these 6 steps are problematic for you, your chances of getting infected grows. And if you are infected, you may notice your menus not working the way they should when clicked as well as other symptoms of infection.

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virus malware
virus malware

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